Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Super quick natural sensory bin

Whilst Arthur was at nursery, Alyssa had her first hair cut, very proud mummy as she was so well behaved!  And as she is almost crawling we spent the morning encouraging crawling skills using the pop up tunnel, playing peekaboo and crawling through. 

Once Arthur was finished nursery it was time for  Tunnel House Tuesday out the field, today we picked tomatoes and potted strawberry runners to create new strawberry plants for the new season.  There wasn't very much else to do out there today apart from a little light weeding, so I soon found us at home with an hour to fill before tea time. 

I decided to set up a quick sensory bin using some natural objects, I grabbed some leaves from the trees and plants near the house, then added to that the pine cones and conkers that I already had, Lastly I added some tractors of Arthur's for an invitation to play element.  Alyssa dove straight in and grabbed the pine cone, she loves these, and Arthur grabbed the tractors and played with them alone away from the bin, enjoying putting things on the back of the tractor.  It was so simple but the added element of things for the tractor to carry, and different sensory sensations for Alyssa kept them both amused till tea.

Ready for play

Alyssa and her pine cone

Exploring textures

Tractor fun

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