Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sensory Socks!

After a lovely morning at a new baby group with Alyssa this morning whilst Arthur was at nursery, the dishes desperately needed doing and I wanted something to entertain Alyssa whilst I did them. 
I remembered seeing a sock tunnel on pinterest, and suddenly inspired I grabbed some socks, clean ones I promise! And filled each one with different items, toy bricks, rice and pasta (in sandwich bags!) and ball pool balls, then pegged them to an airer for Alyssa to play with.

Once the dishes were finished I took it to the front room and propped it up between the arm chair and the foot stool to create a tunnel, Alyssa isn't quite crawling yet, but she will bum shuffle forwards slightly by vigorously throwing herself forwards repeatedly.  She was delighted by me crawling towards her through the socks and threw herself into them to come back through to me, and exploring the different textures on the way. 

I decided to leave the tunnel up for when Arthur returned, and he loved it too, Alyssa also squealed with delight when Arthur popped his head out towards her at the end of it.  Arthur also suggested putting the blanket on the top as well to make it more like a proper tunnel with monsters, monsters are everywhere at the moment, we even had to hide in the tunnel from the monsters coming through the fireplace!

Upright in the kitchen

Tunnel in the front room

"I'm coming to get you!"

"Ooooh!What's this?"

Arthur escaping

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