Monday, 9 September 2013

Dance therapy!

Today has been one of those days when I would gladly climb back into bed with a mountain of chocolate to keep me company!!

Arthur has been doing really well with his potty training recently, he has been taking down his trousers and pants all by himself and using his potty for a few days now, today however he seemed to have decided against it! A number of times today he would look straight at me and say "me wee wee on floor mummy!!" then just stand there and wee, so you can imagine my frustration.  At one point in the kitchen I screamed and kicked a kitchen cupboard, then felt immediately guilty and like a terrible parent as Arthur copied me!!

As well as this, he was in one of his hyper, non stop running around, talking/screaming not listening moods.  So I hoped that taking him to the toddler group at the local school would sort him out.... it didn't!!

So After another "don't like it!" lunch I decided I needed cheering up and Arthur needed to burn of more energy.  So the best cure for this?  Crank the music up loud and dance like no one is watching! I grabbed the musical instruments and some scarves and set too it! 

It did cheer me up a bit, especially seeing Alyssa enjoying herself with the props, and Arthur ran around and danced for nearly 40 minutes, before he was no longer interested.  I do find that music really does help elevate your mood and a bit of exercise gets you motivated again, but today it was very short lived and I was back to looking forward to bed time again, especially after telling Arthur kindly five times to leave Alyssa alone whilst he climbed all over her and pulled at her,  making her cry before yet again resorting to shouting! 

Waving the scarves

Alyssa dancing

Happy little lady


More running



YMCA (we didn't really listen to that!)

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