Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Harvest game!

Inspired by watching Harvest 2013 on television last night, I decided today to play a harvest game with Arthur.  I quickly drew a tree, bush, plant and field pictures, along with the words, and let Arthur colour them in, whilst I quickly gathered some fruit and veg from what we had.  You could do the same with play food, but we don't have any, or even little picture cards if you wanted, but time was not on my side. 

I then lay out the pictures and picked up an apple and said "where do apples come from?" I then listed the options and pointed to the pictures, I was very surprised when Arthur said "Tree!"  and told him to put the fruit in front of the tree and told him he was right, we then followed the same process with the rest of the fruit and veg. 

After we had finished I then sang a simple song for him with actions:

(To the tune of 'Here we go round the Mulberry bush')

This is the way we pick the apples (mime picking the apples)
Pick the apples
Pick the apples
This is the way we pick the apples
Ready for the harvest!

This is the way we dig potatoes (mime digging)
etc etc

Nice and simple and can easily be done for any item you have.

I also thought it was the perfect opportunity to read "The enormous turnip!" with pulling actions!!

Alyssa enjoyed listening to the song and story, giggling and clapping her little hands.  She also enjoyed feeling all the food, and eating the crunchy apple for snack time with her big brother!

Playing with food

Putting the apple by the tree

Choosing a home for the courgette

Digging potatoes

Snack time!

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