Thursday, 19 September 2013

Banana pirates and mouldable sand

Today is international talk like a pirate day, so it was a pirate themed day for us!  I decided to make up a sort of treasure island for some open imaginative play, so using 2.5 cups of flour and half a cup of baby oil I made some mouldable sand, it looked a bit white though so I added a small amount of tumeric to give it a more yellow colouring, I then put it in a biscuit tin with some blue corrugated card for the sea and some decorative gems for treasure.  For the finishing touch I took a couple of brown and green pipe cleaners and made a palm tree,  all that was left to add was some small toys to play in the sand with. 

Alyssa dived right in and I had to be on hand for any bits reaching her mouth, but she really seemed to enjoy trying to pick the sand up, and Arthur also enjoyed building tiny sand castles, burying and finding bits of treasure and of course throwing it everywhere!! On the plus side he also enjoyed trying to clear it up!

At snack time I tried to have a bit of fun with the food after seeing a picture on the internet, I tried to turn an apple into a pirate ship, and a banana into a pirate! Arthur did enjoy it but wiped the black food icing off first. 

Ready for the toys

Getting stuck in

Building mini sandcastles

Playing with the sea

Helping clean up
Banana pirate!!

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