Sunday, 8 September 2013

Feeding ducks!

Today was a lesson that sometimes it's good to just plow through and keep going and you will reap the rewards!

After I finally decided to go to the park and feed the ducks with the two Aj's, Arthur went hyper with excitement 'me go park now mummy' and Alyssa decided she was hungry.  So whilst Alyssa had her bottle and I quickly checked the nappy bag and got some food together for an alfresco lunch, I know it forecast rain, but i'm always prepared on the food front just in case we stay out longer than intended.  Arthur was having melt downs because we weren't leaving immediately to the park, sometimes I wish toddlers understood patience!  I could feel my stress levels rising slowly, then he ran off into the neighbour's garden after their dog when we went to the car, levels rising higher again! After five minutes of coaxing him out of the garden and away from the poor neighbour we were eventually on our way!

By half ten we were walking to the park from the car, and I was beginning to feel a bit less stressed from the end of the constant 'me go park now mummy!' whilst driving.  Once at the canal I began to realise that my stress was worth it, watching Arthur get excited about feeding the ducks, and Alyssa watching on happily.  We sang 'Five little ducks', made quacking sounds, and chased away pigeons.  Then we took a gentle stroll along the canal whilst Arthur ate his sandwiches and watched the ducks, before turning back round to head to the park.

Arthur headed straight to the slides and ran round and round the climbing bit they attached too, before deciding to go on the swings.  The joy on his face soon melted away the last of any stress I had, and joined with Alyssa's first ever go on the swings and her joy too, it was beginning to turn into a perfect Sunday outing.  It was so great seeing them laugh together as they swung back and forth, it seems such a shame that in a couple of weeks I will be back at work and Sunday's will no longer be spent with the two of them, Saturday's will have to be my new Sunday!


Feeding time

'Where are you going?'



Being adventurous!

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