Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Gruffalo finger puppets

After being inspired by a paper cone animal, and preschool apple tree craft I found on Pinterest, I decided today was going to be a Gruffalo day.  With that and a Gruffalo building activity I had also found we had a morning of craft and interactive reading.

I made the cone fox and mouse, and a finger puppet owl for Arthur whilst he was still asleep, as I thought it would be easier.  After breakfast I got out the tissue paper scraps from my junk box, gave him some pens and let him colour.  A bit of artistic license was needed today as I didn't have any green tissue paper, so he had to make do with white and blue but he didn't seem to mind, the joy of children.

I showed him how to make the tree, then showed him the puppets,  we then started reading the story and I used our "deep dark wood' and the puppets, and started building the gruffullo with my paper cut out pieces. 

Arthur and Alyssa really enjoyed having the story this way, and after I read the story a few more times to Alyssa whilst Arthur played with the puppets making up the story and things, and built the gruffalo in various ways, saying 'terrible claws' and 'orange eyes.'

The creatures

The deep dark woods

Setting the scene

Making the trees

The Gruffalo

Arthur making the Gruffalo

"A fox saw the mouse.."

Away owl flew!

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