Monday, 2 September 2013

Car wash!

Cars, bubbles and water, what more can a little boy need for a morning of fun!

The car was a mess, I am very bad at keeping the car clean and tidy, checking oil, tires, etc.  I should try and make more of a regular habit of it, but the children often get in the way.  So today I decided to be proactive and combine the two. 

Arthur was very excited, all morning all I heard was "mummy me wash car now!" but I decided it would be best to wait until after Alyssa had her 10 am feed so that she would be happy, plus it would also be a bit warmer out side.  Once I had everything sorted and took them both outside, Alyssa was in her pram so she could comfortably sit and watch us in safety, Arthur ran straight to the bucket of water, grabbed the cloth and got straight to it! I of course was in charge of all the higher up bits, and following behind Arthur getting the bits he missed.

It was a great opportunity to introduce new words to Arthur, like license plate, bonnet, wing mirror.  I also talked to him about different types of cars, mummy and daddy have a Perguot,  the builder finishing our roof today has a Volkswagon, and grandads old car is a land rover. The activity also worked his motor skills bending and stretching, as well as his sharing skills and ability to follow instructions.

Of course the best part of the morning apart form having a clean car, was rinsing the car, and Arthur, off with a hose pipe after! That and letting him think he drove the car because he sat on my lap whilst I rolled the car into the garage again, the joys of an innocent mind!

Getting stuck in!

Detail cleaning hub caps

Scrubbing the bonnet

Hoovering inside


Beating the mats

Hiding in the boot!

Not a bad job!

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