Sunday, 29 September 2013

Colour fun with building blocks and foil

I returned to work today from maternity leave, a sad day as it means my baby girl is growing up to quickly and I barely seem to have noticed!  It is also the beginning of a whole new routine, daddy was left alone to deal with them today, and cook the roast dinner for tea, something that he is just so much better at than me!! 

After spending a bit of time reading with my babies and having final cuddles, about twenty times, I headed off to work.  When I got back we had about half an hour till my yummy roast chicken I had been dreaming off all day was ready, so I decided a quick play was in order.  Seeing the building blocks scattered all over the floor already, I remembered a post by One perfect day, about building blocks and tin foil.  I quickly grabbed so squares of foil and sat on the floor with the Aj's, I wrapped one block up for Alyssa to explore, and at the same time told Arthur what I was doing, he soon copied and wrapped them up too, I said they were like presents, and he quickly unwrapped one and I cheered "Yay It's a blue brick!" next thing I know he's getting me to wrap up more as quickly as he unwraps them, and copying me cheering to the colours inside.  We also wrapped up one of the ittle fire man for some extra silly fun, and so it continued and before we knew it it was time for tea!

Even sometimes just half an hours play can be the best part of the day, well that and the hugs I got when I returned home.

What's this??

Making a big present



OOOOOH! Shiny!

"It's a green brick!"

"It's a fire man!"

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