Friday, 27 September 2013

Apples! Printing and other apple related fun!

Today Arthur was looking through some old Good Food magazines that his granny had given me, and I realised that I could keep them in his toy kitchen as his own recipe books just like mummy uses.  Whilst looking through them and me telling him what the picture were, he told me he wanted to make an apple crumble for daddy!  We had no apples, but I knew Granny and Grandad's apple tree needed picking, so whilst he was out with them for the morning, I picked two carrier bags full of windfall apples for them and us.  

With such a large amount I chose a couple of ropy looking ones and cut them for Arthur to have a go at apple printing,  the joys of building work means our downstairs is a large un-carpeted space where he can paint with out causing too much damage, and we have a large roll of cheap liner paper.  Alyssa had a go at painting too, although I was constantly having to stop her trying to eat the apple and paint! But she soon got the idea of banging the apple down and had great fun! 

After a bit of a clean up we went for a walk through the apple orchards at Cothele, Arthur had his first attempt of map reading and looked very important telling me what ways we needed to go.  When we reached the orchard he stood next to a sculpture of a hand holding an apple, looked at the cider press and looked at all the different types of apple trees.

Once home we cooked our oaty apple crumble and our fish pie for tea, Arthur was still very hyper from our walk so wasn't much help, he was into everything and grabbing everything and had a two second attention span, but he enjoyed trying to peel the carrots, measuring out the oat and mashing the potato. 

I now have to find the time and energy to prep all the apples for the freezer now, or maybe just eat lots more crumble!!

Painting together

The finished masterpiece

Arthur leads the way!

Apple art


Apple tree

Helping with the crumble

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