Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn sticky window art!

Autumn is now officially here, and i'm suffering with the beginnings of my first seasonal cold starting in my ears and throat.  Peace is my best friend today so I was a very naughty mum and let Arthur watch Disney's Alice in wonderland with me whilst I let the pain in my ear subside and my ability to stand without falling over come back. 

Once mid morning arrived, and the film had finished (my days start at 6-7am!!) my energy increased enough for me to try an Autumn activity I have been seeing a lot recently, and looked easy to prepare and clean up after, as well as the added bonus of being quiet!

I stuck some sticky back plastic to the window, drew a basic tree shape onto it, and cut out various Autumnal coloured leaves, I also cut out a little silhouette of a bird, hedgehog and rabbit for a bit of extra fun!

Arthur got stuck in staight away, and got a little upset when he ran out of leaves, he was even nice and let Alyssa stick a leaf up as well! I will definitely try this again with some different pictures and bits to stick on.

Making a start

Alyssa has a go

Rabbit in the tree

Ta Dah!!

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