Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Four caterpillars, a grasshopper and a woodland walk

Today is National Playday! An annual event that takes place all over the country on the first Wednesday in August.  We didn't go to any specially organised event for this, but I did get the two AJ's out in the nice dry weather for the morning.

Local to where we live is the Tamar trails, and today they were holding copper panning and painting activities, Arthur didn't have any interest in either of the activities, which is unusual as he loves painting!  I can only assume it was because we were outside with lots more interesting things going on.  He had great fun running around, looking at a grasshopper and some catepillers some other children had found, and looking for his own.  We saw a huge variety of butterflies on a bush all together, I did try and get a photograph but my camera has lost its zoom ability which is a shame!

I then took them on the scavenger hunt through the woods, poor Alyssa soon fell asleep in the pram, but Arthur was enjoying running through the woods looking for things on the hunt and exploring.  The scavenger hunt arranged by the centre was a great chance to teach Arthur more about the world around us, and nature as well as getting a bit of exercise, definitely recommended, although some items were seasonal and unavailable like the bluebells.

Excited to be out

Looking for pirates

Caterpillars and grasshoppers

Following the track

Sandwiches and puddles

Sleeping beauty

A touch of Moss

Picnic time

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