Sunday, 18 August 2013

Home made music??

This morning we experimented in making noise, I mean music! Using a range of items found in the home.  I wrapped tissue paper around a comb, made a kazoo using a kitchen paper roll and tissue paper, and the trusty spoon and saucepan combo.  Alyssa loves this, I swear she is going to become a drummer when she is older,  Whilst they were happily playing with these bits, I searched around in the drawers for an elastic band to put around a baking tray to make another instrument, and some bead necklaces to rub together. 

Our poor neighbors had to put up with at least half and hour of noise whilst they happily played and explored, Arthur's favourite was shouting into the kazoo, we then experimented with using the comb and spoon on the fire guard and scraping the comb on the edge of the saucepan.  Alyssa also created a new noise by flicking the necklace up and down against the baking tray, which amused her greatly; and we also used a chocolate tray and bottle of beads from Alyssa's treasure basket. 

Comb Kazoo

Bottle of beads rattle

Kitchen roll kazoo

Bang bang

Sharing nicely

Chocolate tray crinkle

Rubbing the comb
Not quite how you do it!

"blow Alyssa"

Using the fire guard

Pretty beads

Being inventive

Twanging away!

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