Thursday, 29 August 2013

Naan-sense with a toddler

With a recent over abundance of courgette, I have been non stop freezing, chopping, grating and cooking courgette.  I have made rissotto, lasagne, soup, and tonight I decided to make a scrummy vegetable curry.  My darling husbands reaction was the usual 'where's the meat come in?' then he suggested I make naan breads to go with it.  I then decided it would be a great activity for Arthur and I to do together as he enjoys cooking, and we haven't ventured into the bread making side of things yet.

It was great watching him sift the flour, with a bit of help from to to keep him under control, and funny watching his face as he tasted the salt.  I even let go a bit and trusted him to pour the liquids in himself, his mess was actually quite limited for him for a change.  I started the kneading off for him and showed him how to do it, then let him have a go, it's really good for motor skills and coordination, and he was copying the describing words I was using too, which is broadening his vocabulary.  I then put it in the bowl and, to add a bit of magic to it, told him that we had to leave it for the elves to blow air into it and make it bigger!  At this point he went off for a walk with grandad to keep him amused and distracted whilst it proved.

Once he returned we took the out dough, which unfortunately didn't rise very much, and I separated it into five balls, Arthur then rolled then out flat and pricked them with a fork.  I had to be very watch full that he didn't get too excited and start destroying the bread, luckily he was concentrating really hard.  I then gave him a garlic butter mixture and a pastry brush and told him to paint the bread, I touched up any places he missed.  Then I really let loose and gave him a small bowl of mixed seeds to sprinkle on top, I did add the occasional ones where he missed, but he actually did really well and didn't make any mess at all.

I then cooked the rice and reheated the curry I made whilst he was asleep, and cooked the naan under the grill.  Not only did they look amazing, but they tasted great too, and Arthur excitedly ate it all up, but left most of his rice and curry, but it was sweet watching him try and copy me putting curry in my naan to eat it!

Overgrown courgettes!!


Tasting salt







The amazing final product!!

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