Monday, 19 August 2013

Elastic band painting

Phew! What a day we have had today, first off we settled down for a little painting activity I wanted to try have seen a picture recently.  Place elastic bands over a baking tray, cover them with paint and ping them to splatter the paint on paper underneath.  It's a great activity for the two of them as Alyssa was able to make some splats as well, and interestingly the pings varied in pitch according to where on the tray the band is placed, so the activity becomes a strange mixture of music and painting, which certainly made Alyssa giggle!  Be warned though, you have no control as to the direction of the paint, It splattered all over us, so a quick wash up  was needed, which Arthur enjoyed a bit too much and got soaked.

Next we went down to the kitchen and made some biscuits as Arthur wanted to mix mix, and Daddy, who is on holiday right now, hinted that some biscuits would be nice.  Arthur had the extra job of cutting out the biscuits for the first time today which he enjoyed, once he'd finished licking the spoon he used to mix it all.  We had a teeny bit of mixture left, with which Arthur wanted a snowman made, I have no idea where that came from in the middle of summer, the joy of children!

After lunches and naps we headed out to Grandad's field to pick some blackberries and veg whilst they are away, whilst there we saw another family member who gave Arthur fresh peas from the pod, before Arthur helped daddy pick redcurrants,  blackcurrants and blackberries, a lot of which he ate before they reached the bowl;  He also ate an apple straight from the tree.  On the way to the second field we stopped off to talk to some cows, which Arthur wanted to cuddle bless him.

In the second field Arthur and daddy played with a football and we all trekked through 'the jungle' (toddler height grass!) to hunt for a hidden ball and daddy, which was great fun watching the surprise on Arthur's face when daddy suddenly appeared.  A lovely day finished off by a lovely dinner when we returned home!




washing mummy
Chefs outfit

Alyssa joining in

Cutting the biscuits

Biscuits and a snowman!

Helping to hoe!

Picking redcurrants

Talking to cows

Playing with daddy

Stealing blackberries

Apple fresh from the tree
Walking through the 'jungle'

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