Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mini maracas and cup shakers part 1!

Even us creative mummies get it wrong sometimes!!

After spending a lovely morning with Alyssa at the local library singing songs and playing with other babies, I thought Arthur would enjoy getting messy when he got home from nursery and help me Papier Mache!  I am liberating some plastic cups and spoons that have been abandoned in the cupboard since we last had a party, and giving them new life! I took two cups, put some rice in them, then sellotaped them together, and did the same with the spoons, using macaroni instead.  My intention was for Arthur to help me use up the wallpaper paste from daddy's recent decorating spree and cover them so we had a paintable surface for tomorrow, so we could decorate our new musical toys, I also thought we could make some bowls for possible Christmas wrapping/present ideas (early I know but sometimes you have to plan ahead!!)

Well, Arthur arrived home, took one look at what I was doing, bravely touched the paste.  Arthur then decided that watching daddy have a bath, then cook a curry for tea was much more interesting!! So a solitary afternoon for me whilst Alyssa slept! Hopefully he will be interested in painting them tomorrow, if not more fun for me.

Cups and rice

Stick together

Spoon maracas

Alyssa testing the shakability!

Quick touch of the paste

Balloon bowl

Drying shakers

Drying maracas
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