Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sticking boards.

I saw a post recently on another blog about using sticky back plastic on a window and getting your little one to stick shapes on to it.  I also have been told about foam boards with sticky back plastic on it which a friend uses to create 3d creations with her little one.  I loved this idea as Arthur loves stickers, and would enjoy gluing but always licks stick glue and thinks pva is paint!  So my brain got ticking and I ended up combining the two idea by sellotaping sticky back plastic to card and giving Arthur a load of pre-cut shapes, scraps and fun bits and bobs and let him create!  Apparently he was creating a lady, he couldn't understand that he couldn't stick object on top of other objects, but other than that he did enjoy himself and also named a few shapes and did a bit of sorting,  the other bonus is you don't have to wait for the glue to dry!

I decided to put a bit of blue paper underneath to make it a bit more interesting than the brown of the card.  I can imagine in future sea based artwork with fish shapes, sand and shells etc with blue, or field animals using wool etc with green paper, the possibilities are numerous!  I also though that they could be a great learning tool if you draw pictures underneath for them to shape match, such as a house.  You could even draw a basic blank face, and then either draw or cut out from a magazine, facial features to get your little one to place the features in the correct places, or just create basic colour / letter / number matching activities for them to match up.

Alyssa had great fun playing with some homemade toys using a Pringles can thanks to a post on the Imagination tree, and a confetti cannon inspired by Activity village which I filled with old quality street wrappers, I also fill with feathers, leaves and various other themed things, and Arthur loves rushing around collecting it all to set it off again for ages! Alyssa was playing with the tube stuffed with scarves as well, looking a bit like a magician pulling scarves out of a sleeve, a great sensory play day for her and an artistic but almost mess free, Arthur tipped the scraps all over the floor, day for Arthur.

Scraps and shapes to use

The board

Arthur in action

Alyssa's ribbon pull

Shape sorting

The finished piece

Basic house template for future

Basic Face shape for body parts

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