Sunday, 7 July 2013

"The Folder"

I thought I best explain "the folder" as I will probably end up referring to it in my blogs in future!  I like to organise things, many say I have a slight OCD tendancy, I just like things a certain way!  This folder has now become my personal craft bible that will hopefully in the long run save me hours of trawling through the internet for inspiration, each plastic pocket is a holiday or season and in each plastic pocket is a list of my ideas relating to that theme, any stencils and anything I have torn out of many a supermarket magazine and, thanks to my grandma 'Womans weekly' fun with grandkids articles!The ideas range in age and ability so hopefully it will still be used well into the future to help provide learning fun!

I should also add large holidays like Halloween, Easter and Christmas have their own shoe boxes as you can buy so much stuff cheap after the holidays!
Did I mention i'm a bit of a hoarder and like to keep things cheap?

Not Finished yet

Filling up nicely

Ready for next year

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