Sunday, 7 July 2013

Garden Safari

Arthur the explorer
This was a wonderful activity I did borrowing granny' s garden as ours is mainly wood chip.
Scavenging together all of Arthur's animal toys, teddies, plastic, whatever! I went around the garden hiding them in trees, on rocks, in the undergrowth, then armed Arthur with his binoculars, if you don't own any make some out of two toilet rolls another fun activity, and a little magnifying glass and bag to put the animals in once found, and off we went hunting for animals!!

It's a great learning tool for animal names and noises noise was well as imaginative play, even for one as young as Alyssa, she had great fun looking at her big bothers toys!

Monkey in the tree

Lion in our veg patch                                                         


Nellie the Elephant

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