Sunday, 28 July 2013

No mess fun with paint!

Today I wanted a simple activity that didn't involve much setting up or cleaning up after, and I know Arthur loves playing with paint, but he does tend to get very very messy!  I tried once when he was younger placing paint under some taped down cling film, but he soon tore the cling film away and got messy again!  So I thought this time I would seal some paint into a resealable sandwich bag, and for some added sensory stimulation I taped the bag to the window so the light would come through it. 

I worked out to be a lovely way of getting Athur to practice pre-writing shapes, like zig zags and wavy lines, as well as teaching him shapes and colours.  He still wanted to do his favourite thing, handprints, so I showed him he could and that made him happy!  In the end it turned into a sort of wipe clean drawing pad, with squishy sensory extras.  And other pluses included Alyssa enjoying giving it a good scrunch and a squeeze, and taste which was quickly removed for fear of her new tooth ripping the bag! And the best bit, when finished just pop it in the bin, simple!

Ready to go!

Giving it a go

Pushing paint around

Making lines


Mummies shapes

More finger lines

Mummies handprint

Arthur doing handprints

Alyssa squishing

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