Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rotary airer fun!!

Arthur goes to nursery on a Tuesday morning, and I like to, if I can, have something fun waiting for him when he gets home,  It helps me coax him to leave as he is usually having so much fun!!

Today whilst pottering about I had a sudden brainwave about utilising the airer in the garden to great something different and fun, I had a quick search on line and found nothing apart from maths games and toy airers, feel free to let me know of anything I have missed though!  After a little think wandering around the house for inspiration and rummaging through the junk box, suddenly I had an idea, I found an inner card board tube to a roll of cling film, nice and sturdy to be a bat, and popped a tennis ball in the little net bag I was the children's socks in, and TA!DA! homemade, budget swingball!!  I then blew up a couple of balloons left over from birthday parties, and attached them with string, and a little plastic bottle cut in half with holes in for a bit of water fun too!

When Arthur got home I quickly showed him the tennis ball and that you hit it with the stick, and he said "Me play tennis now!" we had taken him to the local free courts a while back to mess around with a mini bat and ball, so he knows he is familiar with tennis, and recognised the ball.  I was surprised that he managed to hit the ball a couple of times, I didn't think he would really be able too.  He then delighted in running back an forth through the balloons and hitting them, Alyssa also enjoyed giving them a good kick and both were giggling their little heads off!  He wasn't really interested in the water bit, and soon went back to his balloons and tennis, overall a wonderful afternoon of fun that cost me nothing and worked on their co-ordination and physical development!

I think one day maybe for a party, it would be fun to cover the whole airer in balloons, and mix in a few water balloons for a bit of fun, maybe even ones with shaving foam or other messy things to for a giant balloon roullette/pinata!!

Swingball of sorts!


Water sprinkler

Action shot

Filling the sprinkler

Alyssa's turn

Please don't pop! Eeaak!

Head butt!

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