Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Operation daddies birthday! Cake decorating and the big reveal!!

The big day has arrived and daddy entered the front room to find his presents on the table waiting for him!  We can finally reveal what the secret presents we have been making are!

The salt dough was used to make hand print keepsakes and a little heart motif using each Aj's thumb prints, I obviously had to paint on Alyssa's behalf, such fun getting involved!  The melted chocolate was decorated with pick and mix sweets for a personalised chocolate slab , which dissapeared soon after opening!!  And one of Arthur's paintings was used to create some lovely Word Art inspired by a post I saw on babble.  I also used the Aj's handprints to create some little inserts to hide inside the card for something extra!

The only thing for Arthur and I to do today was decorate the cake in buttercream and sprinkles, cue a stabbed cake, sprinkles EVERYWHERE, and a lopsided decorated cake full of love!! 

I hope that activities like this will encourage Arthur and Alyssa to appreciate that home made gifts are worth more than money can buy, as well as encouraging their imagination and creativity.   Today's cake decorating also worked on communication skills, and hand/eye coordination.

The presents

The salt dough

The decorative handmade paper

The hand print inserts
Decorating the slab

The end result
Arthur's panting

The Word art

Creaming the cake



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