Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ladybird biscuits, snail snacks, and the hungry caterpiller

Today is meant to be the hottest day so far in this heatwave, so I decided to keep Arthur inside until later this afternoon when hopefully it is a bit cooler! He is still very much into the bugs thing since yesterday, and wants to go bug hunting again, so I decided to run with it for today's theme.  I started off getting him to make ladybird biscuits for his mid morning snack, plus extra to share with everyone tonight at the bbq.  He had great fun spreading the icing sugar mix over the rich tea biscuits, the icing pen was hard work for him though so I had to help him squeeze it. All the time he is practicing fine motor skills and communication skills as well as recognising ladybirds, to which he always says "fly way 'ome!" thanks to the nursery rhyme.  I also tried making snail snacks using a tortilla, mayo and grated carrot to try and get Arthur to eat something, as he is in full toddler fussy eating mode right now! It didn't work and they didn't look like snails at all according to my husband!

After snacks we moved onto getting messy with painting,  I cut up an egg box and got him to paint it green to make a caterpillar with, then I got him to paint his feet, and with my help make foot prints. 
Whilst waiting for all this to dry, we read through 'The hungry caterpillar' by Eric Carle, using a pipe cleaner for the caterpillar to help bring it to life.  We also read a lovely pop up book about a Butterfly not sharing called 'My yummy treats' by Sue Whiting and Stuart Martin.

Once both the butterflies and caterpillar were dry, I cut around the footprints to create butterfly wings and stuck together, and attached string through the pieces of egg box to make the caterpillar.  I also attached a cake pop stick, from my hoarded collection of junk, to make the butterfly fly, we then read the hungry caterpillar again using our new toys!  I find interactive reading like this really helps cement the story into Arthur's head and help him remember the story for next time! 

Alyssa also joined in listening to the stories, watching the new toys and exploring the pipe cleaner caterpillar, as well as making a little butterfly keepsake as she is exactly 6 months old today!


Ladybird biscuits

Painting feet

Painting egg boxes

Exploring the caterpillar

Finished results

Reading time

'Snail snacks'

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