Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fifteen and a half reasons why every playroom needs a blanket!

Today was a bit of a slow moving day!  Alyssa was up half the night, and Arthur woke up in super toddler meltdown mode, demanding his daddy and screaming when he left for work, followed by snuggles on the sofa and a trip to the doctors, meant soon it was lunchtime and we had wasted half the day!  After a visit to grandad, and a packet of buttons! Arthur seemed happier so I thought I would try coming up with some games with the blanket so it would be easy to abandon if he wasn't in the mood. 

I asked Arthur if he wanted to jump the river, to which I had screams of "yeah!",  so lay our blanket down ruched up and jumped over it with him, and he then ran to the sofa dragging the cushions off to create a dam like the one we built on Canada day.  I was amazed that he remembered and associated the "river' to that game. 

So along with that, here is our list of fifteen and Half reasons why you need a blanket!

1. Dambusters (as above!)
2. Jumping the river
3. Toy trampoline (each hold an end with toy in the middle and bounce the toy!)
4. Parachute game (easier with group, but raise the blanket high and let child run under as it falls
5. Tunnel (stretch the blanket between two chairs to create a tunnel)
6. Den (make a den using a table, edge of bed, chairs etc)
7. Magic carpet ride (lie the child on the blanket and drag them around the floor)
8. Peekaboo (obvious really!)
9. Who's hiding (peekaboo, but mooing for cow, neighing for horse, roaring like monster etc)
10. Cape (wrap around shoulders like a cape)
11. Snuggles or pillow (best use ever!)
12. Imagine play ( make blanket sea/river/field for toys to play on)
13. Toy slide (trap the blanket between two things at an angle and let toys slide down
14. Sausage roll (roll child in blanket, make exaggerated eating noises then pull blanket to roll out)
15. Simple marker for running games (run round blanket, run to blanket etc)

And the half???

Arthur sat on the blanket gathered some up between his legs and bounced up and down telling me he was riding a horse!! Let your child free with the blanket and see what they do!!

Lots of physical and imaginative fun to be had!! Sorry no pictures but other half has the camera!

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