Sunday, 7 July 2013

Knights and Castles

Arthur became interested in knights after a morning at a toddler group, held in the local primary school, introduced him to a toy castle, and that evening I read to him a story about the sword in the stone, which led to one of the best sentences I have ever heard "me king Arthur ride horse fight dragons!"

We had a delivery of a sink and toilet unit, as we are currently remodeling a house, I know crazy with two children, and the box was massive.  Whilst Arthur was at nursery I attacked the box with a marker pen and a Stanley knife and made him a castle with working drawbridge and moat, the trusty blue blanket again!! I kept the shapes cut out for windows to make mini shields and cut out a crown from a cereal box for him to decorate.  Also using an old t-shirt of daddies I cut up the sides to create a tabard, then drew a simple picture on the front with fabric pens for a knights outfit, and of course every knight needs a sword so out came more card and some tin foil!!

For more knight themed costume makes, colouring pages etc a wonderful website is activityvillage

The Castle

Alyssa the dragon

Knights tabard

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