Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Moon sand, bowling and glittery water

With a heatwave upon us it's time to hit the garden for some outside fun and games! Plus the plumbers have finally finished putting in a new boiler, and our first two radiators!! Did I mention we are renovating a house??

A while back I made Arthur some skittles using old drinks bottles and filling them with a bit of paint and pva glue, and shaking till all the insides are covered.  These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, and can even be decorated by paper on the outside and numbers, or funny faces, aliens, whatever you want.  Add to that a paddling pool, moon sand, some chalk and a bowl full of water, confetti and glitter, and you have an afternoon of fun!

He loved the bowl of glitter water, and I eventually added some food colouring too, he had fun pretending to "mix mix" (cook) and find treasure when the confetti sunk.  He also found delight in drawing with chalk on the patio, then pouring water over to wash it off with the watering can, we were going to try and use a water gun, but his hands we too small, and thanks to the hot sun, it soon dried to start all over again.  Another fun thing was creating footprints with the water.

The moon sand did not last long at all as Arthur threw some water into it, but he still had fun with his toys, saying things like "oh no duck dirty, need bath now!" And taking toys into the pool to wash.  We would probably use normal play sand, but as we don't have any, this mixture of flour and baby oil from the imagination tree, is a perfect substitute.   Also if you do intend to buy yourself some play sand, an under the bed storage box with a lid is just as good as some of the more expensive sand boxes.

Alyssa also enjoyed the warm weather playing with a sealed ice pole, gumming it whilst frozen and squishing it once melted, she also had a little dip in the pool very briefly, and lounged poolside in her bouncer watching her big brother splash away!

Colouring mummy's sun


Splash splash!

Chilling by the pool!

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