Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mud glorius mud!

Did you know there was an International Mud Day??  Neither did we, bit late to the party this year as it was June 29th, but definitely something to remember next year!  Since we finally have hot water on demand thanks to our new boiler, I am finally getting a bit more relaxed about Arthur getting completely messy!  So I decided today would be all about mud!  I set up some mud in a bucket for him to do mud painting, and some mud on a plastic sheet to slide on and also some in my trusty under storage box just to mess with!  Arthur came straight out into the garden and said "me digging" and headed straight to the, currently empty, veg patch!  I showed him the painting, no interest at all, and showed him the slip n slide and swished his feet over it, but all he said was "me dirty, me clean!" And headed straight to his paddling pool, I think my dirt paranoia when he was younger has stuck!! OOOPS!!  Eventually he did sit in the storage box for a bit, but then headed straight to the veg patch to dig! But whatever he wants to do is fine, as he was having fun and it's sensory fun and imaginative play, and best of all it's free to most people!

I did find a wonderful site with a guide to 30 ways to celebrate world mud day which I will definitely be looking up next year! Or maybe just try a few out for little practice run!

mud slide

Getting stuck in      

Burying my foot

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