Saturday, 27 July 2013

Housework made easy, aka make the kids do it!

With all this lovely weather my housekeeping has falling behind a bit, my excuse being it's been too hot to clean!  Well tonight we have visitors coming over, so today has been all about getting the place clean and tidy and suitable for guests.  With the two Aj's to entertain as well, ok just Arthur as Alyssa was happy in her bouncer, I thought I would combine the two.  Children love to imitate what adults do in role paying, and many people forget this.  We spend money on toy kitchens and toy cleaning sets etc, why don't we just let them do things for real within reason?

Arthur has always enjoyed loading and unloading the washing machine with me, and always tries to hoover if I get it out, he has also been known to imitate me dusting with a wet wipe!  I started of by asking if he wanted to help me clean, to which he excitedly answered yes, I then gave him his own special cleaning cloth and told him "Mummy is too big to clean things down low, so she needs your help! Mummy will clean up high where you can't reach!"  Of course you may need to secretly wipe up behind them, but the sense of achievement they get when you tell them they are doing so well and being so helpful is wonderful.

After dusting came hoovering, using a mini dust buster type hoover so it is easier for them, although Arthur does like the big hoover also.  Obviously don't expect them to do the whole room, once he was asleep I quickly finished up where he had missed.  Next came the fun job of plumping up the sofa cushions in both the traditional way, and Arthur's unique more fun way!  I don't really do this but thought it would be fun for him.

Then I took him downstairs to the kitchen, where I had taped a square on to the floor and told him to try and sweep any mess into the square, then use the dustpan and brush to pick it up.  I then put the rubbish into the bin, next thing I know Arthur is sweeping bits off the floor and taking them to the bin himself, we finished off the kitchen by mopping the floor taking it in turns to use the mop so it could be done properly.  By the time we were done my house was a bit cleaner, Arthur felt he had done something good and wanted to do more, and he also had practice in motor skills controlling everything we used, and taking turns and sharing responsibility.  It also made the housework a bit more interesting for me, although I don't recommend it if your in a rush, but with enough practice, when they are older they will be able to do it themselves and hopefully enjoy it!

Don't tell daddy he touched it!

Cleaning the windowsils


Plumping cushions

More fun this way


Almost done

In the bin

Mop time!

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