Thursday, 25 July 2013

Paint swatches aren't just for choosing paint!!

We recently went to a DIY store, and I picked up a handful of colour swatches after seeing a few ideas on the internet to teach toddlers colours and matching.  I played a quick game with Arthur this morning showing him three cards, then holding up one matching card and getting him to point at the correct one.  We didn't do this for very long as he started to loose interest, but it got me interested in what else you could do with paint swatches, especially as last year I cut circles out of them to stick on string to decorate my Christmas presents. So here is my list of ideas, some my own, some researched of things to do with paint swatches for various ages!

1. Paint swatch drop from Happy hooligans
2. Clothes pin match from one little project
3. Colour snap
4. Make a colour sorter using a shoe box, posting the correct colour through the correct hole
5. Colour memory game turn face down and pick up the cards and match till all paired
6. Lay face up and get your little one to pick up matching swatches
7. Older children can use them to help be creative in story telling,
8. Shade match, Cut the colours up and match the shades to rebuild the sample again
9. Family word game / word generator learning tool
10. Lay out the cards and name a colour and get the little one to pick up the correct one

Or look at this page on Pinterest for inspiration of art and craft projects to do!

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