Saturday, 6 July 2013


Hi my name is Carrie I am a mum of two little AJ's, Arthur Jakob aged two, and Alyssa Josephine aged 6 months hence the name of this blog! 
Why give them both the initials AJ I hear you ask, well we never found out the sex during both pregnancies, my husband was set on the idea of having a daddy's little girl called Alyssa Josephine so he could nickname her AJ, whilst pregnant we thought of countless boys names and finally settled on Arthur Jakob, bump then was given the nickname AJ!  Then I went and had daddy's little girl so I now have two little AJ's!
I'm really into crafts and supporting my children's learning through play, I am also into spending as little as possible on my children to entertain them! I'm creating this blog for two reasons, one to store photographs and document some of the things I have done with my children to see how they grow and change and give them something to read when they are older if they want, and two to inspire other mums and be a helpful resource of ideas and learning!

Please feel free to comment and also let me know of any ideas you have or websites you use, I will mention sources of my activities if I can remember them so you an browse their sites and maybe find something too!


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