Saturday, 20 July 2013

Gloop and crayon rubbings

Today was a bit of a non starter, time really got away with us and by the time we were ready to go anywhere it was so close to lunch that we ended up going nowhere!  So a last minute idea was needed to entertain Arthur.  I have read about gloop on various blogs and websites, and even heard about them playing with it at Arthur's nursery, a recent catch up with a staff member member revealed its one of his favourite things!! I have been very curious to try it, so this seemed the perfect time!  Gloop is just a mixture of corn flour and water, there is no precise measurement, just mix till a milkshake consistency.  You can add food colouring too if you want, but I didn't bother.  I have to say the finished product is amazing, I was thoroughly enjoying pushing it all together to mould it then watching it melt through my fingers when I picked it up.  It would be a great relaxation tool if there wasn't any children joining in!! Of course Alyssa and Arthur enjoyed it too, but I think I enjoyed it more!

After lunch and nap time I showed Arthur the delights of crayon rubbings, calling it magic pictures.  I remembered doing them on many a school trip as a child, and thought it would seem almost magical to him being so young, I also thought that the act of exploring indoors and outdoors for for different textures would be exciting to him!  So armed with a crayon and some ripped scraps of paper off we went.  His favourite was the plastic chair in the garden, mainly because when he rubbed it, it made a noise.  It was great watching his little face light up in amazement, and I hope we can do some more in various places and maybe use them to create a picture one day!

Mix mix mix


so relaxing

Gloopy glooop

Alyssa's turn

Our rubbings

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