Friday, 12 July 2013

Creepy crawly hunting

After a long overdue cuppa and catchup/play date with a friend in the morning, the two Aj's and I went off to visit Nanna and Gran Nan (My Grandmother).  Nanna has a lovely garden filled with roses and lots of various other flowers and plants, and the other half and I are keen on bringing the little ones up with a love of nature, so I decided to take Arthur's bug catcher and introduce him to the world of creepy crawlies and garden critters!

Our first find was a little ant, Arthur enjoyed seeing it run around the bug catcher as he had never used one before.  Then we found a woodlouse which he carried around for quite a while, we saw some different spiders, there was no way I was going anywhere near them!! But luckily Nanna was brave enough enough to pick one up for him!  We also found the naughty slug that had been destroying Nanna's flowers and removed him for her, we tried digging for worms, but in this hot weather the ground was too dry and they were hiding!  The most exciting find of the day was a snail, it was hiding in his shell, and as soon as he popped his head out to say hello, that was it! "More 'nail', more 'nail!"  So four snails later we have one fascinated little boy and a comical attempt from him at walking slowly like a snail.  The highlight for me was when he said "Nails tired! Need food!" Before wandering off to fill a flower pot tray with mud and putting it by the snails saying "There y'are!"

To top it off when we got home Arthur had some post waiting for him, his FREE 'wildlife fun book' from RSPB, there are lots of activities available on the website as well such as mask making, bird feeder/cake making, and spotter sheets, many a rainy day have been spent staring out the window looking for birds!  They also have a free "My first wildlife fun book" available, but ours hasn't arrived yet, as well as a kids club membership scheme, but we haven't joined that yet!

Overall Arthur has had a fun day practicing social skills and learning about the world around him, whilst Alyssa enjoyed a lot of cuddles with lots of lovely people!

Where's the ant??

Mr Woodlouse

Digging for worms

The snails

Snail food?!?


New Book

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