Thursday, 17 October 2013

Shadow puppets

Making the most of the darker mornings this morning I made some Halloween shadow puppets, inspired by a blog by One perfect day, which also has a free downloadable template.  I used some cookie cutters to draw around for mine, and attached them to lollipop sticks.

Arthur had a great time waving the puppets in front of the torch, and talking about them, building his vocabulary.  He isn't old enough to start creating stories so I as such, so I tried starting him off a bit saying things like "the witch was stirring her cauldron."  When Alyssa woke up she also enjoyed looking at the puppets, we then moved onto making hand puppets using Instructions from the internet, which I actual found harder than they looked, so will have to practice ready for next time.  Arthur then grabbed his toy pirate and toy dinosaur and we had fun making then bigger and smaller in the torch light and making the dinosaur do silly things like eat Arthur's hair.

The puppets

Playing with the pumkin

OOOH scary ghost

Alyssa enjoying them too

Watching her big brother!

Giant Dinosaur AAAAAHHH!

Sorry for the rubbish pictures, but couldn't figure out how to turn the flash off!

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