Thursday, 19 March 2015

Solar inspired art!!

On Friday there will be a solar eclipse, so I thought I would do some space and solar system inspired things with the Alyssa this week. 

First of all we did some sticking, using some tin foil as a background, and various glitter glues, star stickers and bits of glittery card cut into spirals and diamond shapes.  I thought the tin would be a different texture to work with and it's very space age like! Alyssa had great fun moving my hands into positions she wanted the glue as she wasn't able to squeeze any out properly, it was a great exercise in communication, telling me when to squeeze it etc. 

Once we had completed that I thought we would do some spin art with an old salad spinner, seeing as everything spins in the solar system, so we used yellow paint for the Sun, green and blue for Earth and red for Mars (I thought white for the moon was a bit boring! lol)
I have done spin art with the kids before, but I think Alyssa was really small, so she was very amazed with the results when they came out, and we kept adding more and more paint.  She also enjoyed trying to spin the machine herself, but I would have to start it off for her as it can be quite tough.  We did three pictures in total and I am considering buying some little frames to put them up in their bedroom as they are very funky!

Spreading the glitter glue a bit!!

Our solar system

Spin spin spin!

It's like the big bang in action!! lol

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