Thursday, 19 March 2015

Michief and potato printing for St Patrick's day!

I decided to tell the AJ's a little about Leprechauns, and how they are little fairy type people who play trick and cause mayhem, and how if you catch one they will grant you wishes.  After this Arthur turned immediately to his daddy and said "beware of the letricals at work daddy!!" bless him. 

So we then went down to breakfast, where I sneakily put green food dye in the bottom of their porridge bowl, so when they came out of the microwave they had green porridge.  They werevery impressed that the Leprechauns had done this to them, and where excitedly talking about the Leprechaun treasure I had also mentioned.  Once breakfast was over, they found a little trail of shamrocks (the same as last years trail SHHHH!!!) leading up to the bathroom, where there was a little rainbow (picture) and some 'gold' (circles of gold glitter card!) they were so excited they wanted to take their gold to nursery and share with their friends which was very sweet.

Once they got back from nursery we quickly (50mins start to finish!! No kneading required!) made some Soda bread which we have made before succesfully, and then whilst that cooked in the oven, we did some potato printing with green paint.  I cut a couple of shapes in the potatoes but wasn't overly succesful with this, but it didn't matter as it soon turned into green finger painting, and I showed them how to paint a shamrock which they tried to copy.

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that make a day more interesting! I think I need to find a small Leprechaun toy for next year though "Elf on the shelf" style so they can spot him doing crazy things lol

Printing, painting anything goes!!

mummy's shamrock!

Arthur's attempt, almost right!

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