Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Gardening fun and trips on an aeroplane!?

With the weather staying nice for the rest of the week (fingers crossed!!) it was time to start sorting the garden out a bit ready for use!  We have lots of big plans in place for this year to try and make it a bit user friendly and safer, bare feet and wood chip did not prove popular with Arthur last year!!

Our task for the morning was to weed and tidy the vegetable/ herb/ whatever manages to stay alive and grow area.  I armed the Aj's with some tools and some pots and just let them free to play whilst I got on with the hard work in hand.  It was lovely seeing them play together side by side as well as being absorbed in their own little things.  Alyssa enjoyed filling and emptying her little pot, and feeling (and tasting!!Yuck!!) the soil, as well as imitating me and putting one of my gloves on.  Arthur was obsessed with finding worms and pretending that the weeds were plants in his plant pots (we like to make use of everything in this house!!)

After a while they lost interest a little bit in the soil, and Alyssa toddled around the garden picking up bits of wood chip and doing things with them like poking them through the holes in the plant pots.  Arthur started telling me that the noises of the traffic were his aeroplane arriving, I kept asking him where he was going but his wouldn't answer. Finally he sat on the step with the kneeling pad on his lap, telling me it was his 'Puter' and he was on the aeroplane going to work! He then delighted in telling me all sorts of things he was doing, people he was pretending to be inc Peter from Narnia, whilst dipping back and forth into 'helping' in the garden until I was finished. 

I am so glad for Arthur's wonderful imagination, I can be thoroughly entertaining at times, I love hearing the answers to my questions he comes up with sometimes.  I dearly hope that Alyssa ends up the same, it certainly made weeding the garden a little bit more entertaining.

Sharing nicely

Hard at work!

One of the many worms we found!

Wearing mummies glove

Arthur's turn for big gloves

Playing happily

Not bad for a mornings work! :)

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