Monday, 17 March 2014

Soda bread and all things Irish!

Today is St Patrick's day, so after breakfast we used YouTube to watch some Irish dancing and jigged around the front room, I then put some Irish music on to listen to in the kitchen whilst we made Soda Bread.  I really let Alyssa get involved properly for the first time this week, Arthur added the lemon juice, after tasting it and pulling amazing faces, and the let Alyssa stir.  Then we started sifting the flour, Arthur really enjoyed making it 'snow' then said "Alyssa's turn!" so glad to see him starting to understand the process of taking turns, esp with Alyssa.  When it was a dough, I let Alyssa play with it and touch it for a little bit, and she immediately started to push it like kneading, and prodding it.

After the baking I let them amuse themselves in the play room whilst I stuck little shamrocks all around the house, leading to a little rainbow with a pot of special 'rainbow salad' made by the Leprechauns for dinner.  After a little game of potato rolling racing for a bit of active fun, I told Arthur a little bit about Leprechauns, then 'noticed' a shamrock I had stuck near the door.  Arthur got so excited pointing to all the shamrocks saying "there's another one!" then he saw the rainbow and got even more excited.

I then told him that the shamrocks were magic too, and gave him a crayon and paper and showed him that rubbing the paper made the shamrock magically appear, which he thought was brilliant!!

Unfortunately neither of the Aj's were impressed with the salad, and didn't eat it, but they thoroughly enjoyed the soda bread with some cheese and ham.

Mixing the milk and lemon

Alyssa's turn
Playing with the dough

All baked and looking yummy!

Having a quick game of potato racing

"A rainbow!!"

The Leprechauns treasure

Shamrock trail

Crayon rubbings


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