Thursday, 13 March 2014

Painting rainbows and shaving foam clouds!

For a bit of fun I decided to let the Aj's loose with some paint,  I aimed for a rainbow theme, but didn't really expect much more than a mass of mixed colours as they are both really too young to produce perfectly formed arches of rainbows.  I did however add a bit of extra sensory fun with various painting tools, such as hands, toothbrushes, feathers, plastic forks as well as using shaving foam to create fluffy white clouds.

Arthur had great fun mixing and talking about what different colours he had or wanted, and delighted in smooshing the foam in asking for more and more over and over.  Alyssa just went a bit mad and covered herself head to toe in paint and foam whilst crawling all over the paintings and playing as well as painting!  I guess sometimes you have to remember that the journey and experience of painting is more important than the final outcome at times!! That and that without a doubt Arthur will always end up painting his hand!

Silly mummy had been clever enough the put down multiple bin bags to prep the floor and set up a bowl of soapy water and a towel for the clean up, but not anticipated the amount of mess the Aj's would get into!!  In the end I ended up giving the Aj's a lovely bubbly bath in the middle of the morning, making it extra bubbly with lots of bubble bath and blowing bubbles for them as well for a bit of extra fun! (there is always a bottle of bubbles in the bathroom for this very reason! Especially as they don't get bubble baths very often with their eczema!)

After we had changed into fresh clean clothes, I made some yummy cheesy sweetcorn fritters for them  for lunch, before we headed out into the drive way area to play with Arthur's bike and football in the lovely afternoon sunshine.

Starting off nicely (mummy's rainbow at the top!!)

Bring on the fluffy clouds!!

Gettin 'IN" to the painting a bit Alyssa!!

Not quite rainbows, but still pretty!

Experimenting with painting tools!

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