Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bug Hotel

We are starting to work on the garden again now that Spring has arrived, Daddy is working on making it a bit safer for the Aj's and prepping the 'veg plot', and I am working on making it a bit more interactive and fun for the Aj's.  Today's plan was to get them to help me make a 'bug hotel', so we can investigate different bugs that come in the garden and make it their home.  I have seen many different designs on the internet including bundling bamboo sticks, but the log one seemed the simplest idea using things we already had in the home.  So we headed off to the garage and picked our biggest, nicest looking log, then grandad showed them how to drill a hole using a hand operated tool so they could have a go, then Daddy got out the power tools and drilled some more, the Aj's did both 'help' daddy as well a little bit, but unfortunately his battery wasn't fully charged so we didn't end up with very many, but it's enough for a start!

No all that's left is to start on the other sections of the garden and wait for the bugs to settle in!! If you want to create a wildlife friendly garden look at The RSPB website for some ideas!

Drilling a hole

Not quite got the hang of it bless!


Watching Daddy

"Can I have a go?"

Ready and waiting for the new guests to arrive!

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