Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fluffy cotton wool sheep and chicks

We are now starting our Easter / Spring activities, I didn't want to start them too early as I didn't want the Aj's to get bored of Eater, but I still wanted to build up the excitement a bit, so the beginning of the month seemed long enough!

I wanted to get the paints out as the both seem to be fans of painting, but I also wanted to add a bit of texture to the fun today, so I opted for the good old fashioned cotton wool sheep and fluffy chick that I'm sure many of us did as a child!

Alyssa had great fun feeling the cotton wool and rubbing it on her face as it was soft, Arthur got on with the sticking straight away, Alyssa ended up with a bit of cotton wool stuck to her hands and couldn't quite understand why it wouldn't come off when she waved her hand around which was very cute to watch. 

Once we made the sheep, Arthur waned to do more so I made little chick shapes and got out the yellow paint to paint them after they had glued them, It wasn't one hundred percent successful, but the children had great fun so that's all that matters, maybe we should make some other little animals and Easter themed things and make a large mural /Easter advent!! Maybe next year??

Getting into sticking

"it wont come off!!!"

Painting chicks

Getting hands on!

Just need some finishing touches!!

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