Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Green man

With Spring underway, I thought a novel way of entertaining Arthur at the Craft group I go to would be to create a Green man mask with him.  The Group that I go to has a few masks of their own on display which is where I got the idea from. 

To start off all I did was take a paper plate, and cut out eyes and a mouth, and gut lots of leaf shapes, then I just let Arthur go with a glue stick and see what happened.  He really enjoyed himself, and loved holding the mask up over his face and making funny voices to go with it.  Alyssa also found this entertaining to watch and loved holding the mask over her face as well.  I didn't think she would be able to create a proper mask like Arthur so I just gave her a paper plate cut out, with some crayons and some stickers to have a go at. 

I think next time if I do this, I will have different coloured green paper, unfortunately at the time I only had one, and It might be worth having a go with real leaves and twigs collected from a walk one day, to make it a bit more interesting.

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