Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tin can plant pots!

After seeing a recent picture on the internet of beautifully painted recycled tin cans, I was inspired!  I have been trying to make the garden a fun place for the children with a little Bug hotel nature area and dreams of a little weather station area and butterfly garden area.  And so I thought the idea of homemade plant pots made from recycled tin cans would be a great addition to making our garden brighter and more fun!

Once the children came home from nursery, as our usual trip to the tunnel house was cancelled due to Grandad needing to go to the dentist, we sat out in the garden the last of the days sunshine and painted the cans, Arthur ended up with two cans stacked  together so he could paint around it easier, and it was great fun to see Alyssa lunge forward and knock them over, although Arthur was not impressed. 

Once the tins were painted it was time to let them dry on the windowsill whilst we cooked tea.  All that is left for me to do is punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage and attach a bit of wire to hang them off the fence, then w can plant some lovely flowers in them! 

It's so lovely seeing how the garden has changed over the years since we first moved in nearly four years ago, the huge slope has slowly been flattened out to create useable areas, the rubble has slowly been removed to create a veg/herb plot and hopefully by the summer we will have some turf so we have some lovely green grass to play on bare foot in the sun, rather than spiky wood chip!!

Settled on the patio for a spot of painting!

Arthur does a balancing act

The finished masterpieces drying nicely!


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