Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Chocolate fun and a History lesson!

We are very lucky to have a local residents season pass for the Eden project, and for Easter they are having a chocolate festival,  the Aj's learnt lots about the history of chocolate and got to make their own chocolate bar!

First of we walked around the outside of the Biodomes, it's amazing that we have been three times now, and always find something different as little legs can't quite seem to cover the whole place in one day as there is so much to look at.  Tunnels to explore, giant bees made out of recycled materials and metal giants, as well as lots of very pretty plants and flowers, especially as Spring has sprung.

We then went to the Chocolate exhibition, where Arthur tried various strength chocolate from milk to dark, Alyssa had a little taste too.  We also looked at cocoa butter that Arthur enjoyed rubbing in his hands, and held cocoa beans and pods.  Alyssa's favourite part of this exhibition seemed to be the fake chocolate bunnies, she just kept giggling at them for ages bless her!

Then came the exciting bit, making our very own chocolate bar!!  We had a little wait in the queue, but were entertained by samples of chocolate (won me over!!) and a man showing us more cocoa beans and talking about them with us.  Once we got to the front we were given little moulds and some melted white and milk chocolate to do as we wanted with them.  I was very nervous that Arthur would just dig in and try and keep eating the chocolate, but he was very well behaved and spooned it into the mould carefully, whilst Alyssa was being helped by daddy.  It was then time for a bit of lunch in the sun whilst we waited for it all to set. 

Once they ate the chocolate it was off to the Tropical Biome to play the chocolate trading game, we were given six little tokens, that we had to swap two for a bit of gold with a Mayan, then Three and the gold with a Conquistador for a penny, then finally pay that penny to enter a 'coffee shop' where we got a ticket that we traded for some more chocolate!! It was so interesting to learn how valuable chocolate use to be compared to today,  at one point more valuable than gold, and that it use to be an important expensive drink sold only in coffee houses. 

Spotting the Biomes

Exploring Cocoa pods

Giving it a shake!

"Chocolate bunnies!"

"Cocoa butter!" (Expanding foam!!there was real stuff too!)

If only it was real chocolate!


"Quick before mummy want's a taste!"

Swapping tokens with Mayans

Getting a better view with Daddy

Playing some games

Alyssa's favourite game of the day!!
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