Monday, 14 April 2014

Veg plots and Potatoes!

After our recent illness, we enjoyed a much needed wonderful four day break with family!  Today was our first day back home, and there was lots of work to do!

Daddy has recently been starting off a load of seeds ready for our vegetable plot area, and it has finally come to the time off planting them out, the Aj's spent the morning 'helping' mummy tidy up and rogue weeds around the garden whilst daddy prepped the plot.  Then once the ground was prepared, and compost laid down it was time to start planting.  First this we did was give Arthur the honor of planting the lonely seed potato we found out the field recently, it may or may not provide potatoes, but it's a bit of fun for Arthur to learn how potatoes grow.

Then we moved onto planting the Sunflowers, one for each of us and granny and grandad in the end, so we are now having a little competition to see who's grows the tallest.  I have memories as a child of growing sunflowers and having the excitement of trying to get them to grow taller than me, so I am looking forward to seeing how Arthur reacts when they really take off! He loved helping make the holes in the ground for daddy, so he could plant them, then gently patted the earth down around them 'Putting them to bed!"

Next it was time to help daddy build a pea stick wig wam for the peas to grow against, Alyssa and Arthur had great fun passing the sticks in a line for daddy, and Arthur had the extra important jobs of holding the string for daddy too!

The only thing we have to do now is make sure Arthur doesn't walk all over the plants, which he has already done once, as he is so use to being able too as there has been nothing in there for so long, and cross our fingers, that something grows and we have a lovely crop!

Who knew this is where potatoes come from!!

Prepped for planting

ready to plant

In it goes "tuck into bed!"

Making holes

Daddy's little helper!

"to me, to you!"

Building a wig wam!

Planting peas!

Bit small still!

Alyssa exploring wood chip

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