Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Clowning around!

I decided to have a bit of fun with a Circus theme, the tin cans from our Tin can plant pots (unfortunately they didn't work very well,  I think next time I should add glue to the paint when painting them!) gave me the idea, when I remembered that they could be used as stilts. So quick hole punch in each side with a hammer and nail, and a bit of string later we have stilts!!

Once that was completed, (in secret!!) I cut some cardboard bow ties for the Aj's to colour in.  Whilst they were busy with that, I put a line of gaffa tape on the floor to represent a tight rope, and gathered a few bits and bobs from the dress up box.  I also grabbed the face paints, apprehensively as Arthur has NEVER had any put on his face, and has previously become freaked out even by the suggestion of a simple tiny bee painted on his face at a fair recently.  I asked him if he wanted a red nose like Mr Tumbles the clown from a tv show he likes, and he very enthusiastically said yes, in fact whilst I left the room to get something else, he started trying to paint his nose by himself.

So faces painted and bow ties at the ready, we 'Rolled up" for some Circus fun, I helped Arthur up on the stilts and helped him balance and walk, which he found great fun.  Then Alyssa insisted on having a go, so I held her feet ant the cans and moved her feet for her. 

The both seemed to be more taken by the tight rope though, especially Arthur when it came to pretending to fall off, we also pretended to be acrobats by me lifting them up onto my feet whilst lying on my back on the floor, Arthur took the opportunity to fly like Superman.  We also had fun with the juggling balls, however none of us were any good at all at that!

Alyssa the clown

Tight rope walking

Balancing on stilts

Double act!!

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