Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bluebells and wild garlic!

After we spent a very busy morning sorting the kids bedroom and wardrobes whilst they played with toys downstairs, it was time to stretch our legs, get a breathe of fresh air and head out for a family walk.  We headed to one of our favourite walking places Cotehele , but this time we decided to walk towards the mill instead of up to the house, a change is as good as a rest so they say!

Once we entered the woodlands, we were greeted by beautiful sea of blue and pink from the wonderful Spring bluebells and Campions.  And a little further on we were greeted by the smell of wild garlic growing by the riverside.  We headed towards the mill, but decided to take the fork to the right heading towards the Weir rather than to the mill, Arthur enjoyed tramping on the bridge saying "Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?"  Once we were at the Weir there were three paths to choose from, the way we came, a small hill, and a bigger hill.... Stu was pushing Alyssa in the pram as we were planning on a long walk to burn off some of Arthur's excess energy, so we decided to take the biggest hill route!

Whilst walking up the hill Daddy found some Goosegrass ad put some on Arthur and Alyssa, then Arthur pretended to be a green man monster, before running up to Daddy and sticking it in his back.  By this time we were well on our way back to the house, we we found a field full of wild Garlic, with all the beautiful white flowers blossoming.  We also found lots of Dandelion clocks and blew then, which both the Aj's greatly enjoyed, although my hayfever didn't!!

We soon reached the house, there we some beautiful sites to see as we made our way down through the gardens including the Dove cote, and a sea of pink where petals had fallen on the floor, which Arthur thought was very pretty.  Then it was all a gloriously easy walk down hill, Arthur practically ran the whole way, which is scary as we had been walking an hour nearly.  We even had a woman comment at how she had passed us in the car by the house, and was suprised we had reached the bottom, as quickly as she did in the car!  Soon we were home and settled with a nice hot chocolate (and marshmallows!! Mustn't forget the marshmallows!!) before our regular, if we are home to do it, Saturday Night Movie Night.  Never quite as calm and cuddly as we picture it, dreams of snuggling and carrying sleepy children up to bed are usually replaced with STILL hyper children, lots of wriggling and climbing all over each other, and lots of "What's happening?" "Where's so and so?" "What's he doing??"  One day!!!

Bonny Blue Bluebells!

The Weir

Field of Garlic

Dandelion clock blowing

Green man monsteer (hence the 'monster' face!!)

Attacking Daddy!!

Having a go with Goosegrass!
The pink sea of petals!

The dove cote!

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