Monday, 12 May 2014

Feather fun and toddler calming!

Last week Arthur had an accident in the kitchen, The electric hob was turned off, but still hot and he touched it, burning his palm. He was very lucky that it was his right hand, being left handed, and is still able to do the majority of things, including colouring and drawing whilst his right hand is bandaged up.  

Today I thought it would be great fun to play with feathers and a large pom pom, inspired by Arthur's recent accident.  Whilst he was inconsolable whilst I held his hand under the tap, I started to calm him down with our 'balloon blowing' technique, where I get him to pretend to blow up a balloon, which helps him focus on taking a few deep breaths and calm him a bit.  Sometimes though he tells me he doesn't want to blow up a balloon, so I have been thinking of other ways to get him to do the same.   Whilst on the way to hospital, when he was unreachable in the back of the car still clearly upset, I managed to convince him to try and blow trees over, and when in the hospital blow signs/people/whatever we could see over. 

So today I thought I would try and give him some fun blowing feathers and pom poms across the table, then hopefully in future I can tell him to pretend to blow feathers etc instead if he refuses the balloon.  Both the Aj's blowing the feathers around, Alyssa did keep grabbing and throwing the feathers instead, but was in hysterics every time one came near her.  Then I tried a bit of pom pom 'football', making a little goal with my fingers and getting Arthur to try and blow the pom pom through it.  It was so cute when he made a tiny little goal with one hand and said to Alyssa "you get it in goal?!" trying to include her, she however was having great fun just throwing it in any direction.  So next time I need to calm Arthur down, hopefully I can get him to pretend to blow a feather across the table, or a pom pom into a goal!

Deeeeep breath!!

OOOHH! soft!

Preparing to blow!

I did it!!

Pom pom blowing!

Should I tell her to let go first??

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