Monday, 5 May 2014

Wookie Cookies!!

As some of you may or may not know from reading these posts, we are a Star Wars family!! I am a late comer, after being introduced to Star Wars really more when I met my husband, the children however  have no choice in wearing Star Wars t-shirts and playing with Star Wars toys!  So on May 4th (Star Wars day!) I thought it would be fitting to make some Wookie Cookies.

Normal people on a Sunday tend to have a lie in, unfortunately in this particular house lie ins don't really exist, so by 615am I was bleary eyed making some coffee to start my day, and warming up the morning milk for the Aj's.  With three hours to go until I had to leave for work and already hyper children, how this is possible I will never know, I decided that it would be best to amuse them making the cookies before I went to work, with the bonus that I could also take one to work with me. 

The recipe makes quite a few, and we are attempting to not eat so many biscuits etc at the moment, so I decided to half the mixture, which I thought would be great to talk through with Arthur,  half of two eggs is one egg etc etc.  However whenever I do this something always goes wrong and I always forget to halve at least one item, this time it was the eggs, although I didn't realise this until I ate one and it tasted mainly of Egg!! I must remember to write out a separate recipe if I decide to do this again.

 The children enjoyed taking in turns mixing the ingredients, which is always nice to see, and drawing in the flour they had knocked all over the side.  Then whilst the cookies were in the oven, Arthur helped me make the mixture for pancakes for breakfast as he'd asked for them specially, I could always continue the theme and say they were Death Star pancakes, unfortunately though I am never very good at getting small round pancakes.  Daddy did well whilst I was at work though and make 'Pizza the hut' toast pizzas for lunch, he was very dissapointed that Arthur didn't want to watch any Star Wars though!
Drawing in flour

Sharing the job of mixing

Alyssa has a solo go

Cake mixture for breakfast??? Why not!!

Wookie Cookies!!

Pizza the Hutt

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