Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Homemade butter!!

After a busy Bank Holiday Monday morning taking the AJ's swimming, usually a very stressful event as Arthur has not been water confident before today, we decided to celebrate the good weather and positive swimming session in typical Bank Holiday style, with a BBQ!!

Once home daddy and Arthur started making bread rolls together, whilst Alyssa all tired out settled down in her cot for a three hour nap!!  We also decided to make our own butter to go with the rolls, as our supermarket at the moment is giving away free cream when you buy strawberries, which we buy for daddy's breakfast, so we thought making butter would be a great fun way to use it!

First we found an empty glass jar and lid to put the cream in, then we worked out muscles even more and shake, shake, shaked!!  After a while the cream thickens up, looking almost like whipped cream, then you shake, shake, shake some more until you here a sloshing sound again as the butter and the buttermilk separate, and that is it!!  We did however add a tiny bit of salt and yellow food colouring to ours before shaking to make it look more butter like.

After that it was time to hit the garden and tidy and prep for the BBQ, before a quick shop for last minute essentials, in the end a very, very busy day for everyone, except Alyssa who slept through most of it!!

SHIMMY SHAKE!! (Excuse the post swim mess im in!!)

Mini shake!

Separating the butter and buttermilk!

Personalised butter

Daddy showing off their risen dough!

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