Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rock Band!!

At the weekend we went to a friends house for a gathering/party and they had live music, Arthur was thrilled by this and loved the opportunity to watch, dance, clap and hog a spare microphone and imitate them. 

So I thought a bit of role play and music fun was in order, after watching a couple of music videos whilst I got some dress up accessories and musical instruments together, I set up a mini stage area using an old red curtain as a back drop, put on some music and let them go!  There were a few scuffles over the drum kit for a while (daddy would be proud as an ex drummer!!) Before Alyssa settled for the guitar and keyboard.

It was great fun letting them mess around, and do what they wanted with the accessories and instruments, there were some pretty interesting outfits, but I didn't manage to get them all on camera as I was having to much fun dancing and playing with them!!  I hope that they are interested in learning an instrument when they are a bit older, I never did, but there is still time,  family project maybe??

The Bailey's band getting groovy
Jazzy album cover photo??

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